Superclean Dreammachine broadcasts in 1975
Fridays from 22:05 to 23:00; and on Monday 29 December from 20:05 to 21:00
No broadcasts on 21 February, 4 July, 22 August, 5 December

1974 ←


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The majority of the albums can still be purchased via online shops like Bol.com; I've included a link to the appropriate pages in those cases. If not, I have tried to find pages about the albums that give the most information. If you have more information than is presented here (such as broadcast dates for the ones I'm not sure of), or if you notice something wrong with the information, please let me know.

Many of the broadcasts can be downloaded, by clicking on the dates. These are not professional recordings though; they were taped from radio by me and others, and they are of varying quality, incomplete, or were edited or re-recorded later to remove Ad Visser's voice in between the music.
If you happen to have tapes that aren't presented here, or you find links that don't work any more, please contact me too. I can use all the feedback I can get!

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Album(s) played Comments
Orig filename was SCDM 13.mp31975-01-03?
6 min
King Crimson - Red
Fallen Angel (fragm) One More Red Nightmare
Orig filename was SCDM 15.mp31975-01-17?
13 min
Wolfgang Schmid - Wolfhound
Wolfgang's Roundabout

The Allman Brothers Band - Beginnings
Orig filename was SCDM 16.mp31975-01-31?
31 min
Todd Rundgren - Initiation
II The Fire of Mind - Or Solar Fire III The Fire of Spirit - Or Electric Fire I The Internal Fire - Or Fire by Friction
Orig filename was 75-03-xx-16-John Mayall.mp31975-03-14?
14 min
John Mayall - New Year, New Band, New Company
Step in the Sun So Much to Do My Train Time
1975-04-19 Hatfield and the North - The Rotters' Club
1975-05-17? Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time
Assault and Battery / The Golden Void The Wizard Blew His Horn Opa-Loka The Demented Man Magnu Standing at the Edge Spiral Galaxy 28948 Warriors Dying Seas Kings of Speed
Orig filename was SCDM-20-6-1975.flac1975-06-20
49 min
Neil Young - Tonight's the Night
Tonight's the Night Look at Joe! Tired Eyes

King Crimson - USA
Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part 2 Lament Exiles Ashbury Park 21st Century Schizoid Man
Orig filename was SCDM 18.mp31975-07-18?
5 min
Supertramp - Crime of the Century
Orig filename was scdm-Peter-tape 20-kant1.mp3tape 1, 33 min
Orig filename was scdm-Peter-tape 20-kant2.mp3tape 2, 33 min
Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind - Freedom is Frightening
Rolling Nuns

Neu! - Neu!
Hallogallo Sonderangebot Weissensee Im Glück Negativland Lieber Honig

Jethro Tull - Aqualung
My God Hymn 43 Slipstream Wind Up (fragm)
Why are the parts together more than an hour long?
Two different broadcasts? If so, where does it split?
Orig filename was SCDM-8-8-75.flac / SCDM-8-8-1975-Softmachine-Bundles.flac1975-08-01
51 min
Sassafras - Wheelin' 'n' Dealin'
Wheelin' 'n' Dealin' Tonight's the Night

Soft Machine - Bundles
Hazard Profile parts 1-5 Bundles Land of the Bag Snakes Man Who Waved at Trains Peff Four Gongs Two Drums The Floating World
Orig filename was SCDM-8-8-1975-1.flac1975-08-08
54 min
Horslips - The Unfortunate Cup of Tea!
Turn Your Face to the Wall The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle

Seventh Wave - Psi-Fi
Return to Foreverland Roads to Rome Manifestations Loved By You Only the Beginning Astral Animal El Tooto Camera Obscura Aether Anthem
Orig filename was SCDM-15-8-1975.flac1975-08-15
53 min
Neu! - Neu! '75

Ambrosia - Ambrosia
Nice, Nice, Very Nice Mama Frog Drink of Water Time Waits for No One

Zzebra - Panic
Tree Put a Light on Me La Si Si-la So So

Neu! - Neu! '75
Orig filename was SCDM-29-8-1975.flac1975-08-29
53 min
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac
World Turning I'm So Afraid Rhiannon

The Tubes - The Tubes
Up from the Deep Haloes White Punks on Dope

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Nightingales & Bombers
Spirits in the Night Countdown Time is Right Crossfade Visionary Mountains (fragm)
Orig filename was SCDM-5-9-1975.flac1975-09-05
51 min
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Kristallo Elektrisches Roulette

The Eleventh House featuring Larry Coryell - Level One

Focus - Mother Focus
Focus IV My Sweetheart

Wishbone Ash - Wishbone Ash
Errors of My Ways

Wishbone Ash - Live Dates
The King Will Come

Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Ananas Symphonie

← Not entirely certain which LPs; Ad didn't say.
Orig filename was SCDM-12-9-1975.flac1975-09-12
51 min
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) Welcome to the Machine Have a Cigar Wish You Where Here

Allman Brothers - Win, Lose or Draw
High Falls
Orig filename was SCDM-19-9-1975.mp31975-09-19
51 min
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
Born to Run Jungle Land Back Street

Jethro Tull - Minstrel in the Gallery
One White Duck / 0¹⁰ = Nothing at All Baker Street Muse Grace Minstrel in the Gallery
Orig filename was SCDM-26-9-1975.flac1975-09-26
52 min
Hudson-Ford - Worlds Collide
Did Worlds Collide? Mechanic What Is a Day Without Love Keep Me Rolling

Isao Tomita - Pictures at an Exhibition
Promenade The Gnome Promenade The Old Castle Promenade Tuileries Bydlo Promenade Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells Limoges / Catacombs Cum Mortuis in Lingua Mortua Baba Yaga (Hut on Fowls' Legs) Great Gate of Kiev
Orig filename was SCDM-03-10-1975.flac1975-10-03
49 min
Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounter
The Key The Hustler

Back Street Crawler - The Band Plays On
Jason Blue Who Do Women

Renaissance - Scheherazade and Other Stories
Song of Scheherazade Trip to the Fair
Orig filename was SCDM-10-10-1975.flac1975-10-10
52 min
The Who - The Who by Numbers
Slip Kid However Much I Booze

Dave Mason - Split Coconut
Give Me a Reason Why Long Lost Friend Split Coconut

Druid - Toward the Sun
Red Carpet for an Autumn Dawn of the Evening Shangri-La Voices
Orig filename was SCDM-17-10-1975.flac1975-10-17
52 min
Tea - The Ship
Breakdown The Ship I'd Never Have Bothered

Man - Maximum Darkness
Many Are Called, But Few Get Up Bananas 7171-511 (fragm)
Orig filename was SCDM-24-10-1975.flac1975-10-24
51 min
Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah
King Solomon's Marbles Blues for Allah Sand Castles & Glass Camels Unusual Occurances in the Desert

Frank Zappa / Captain Beefheart / The Mothers - Bongo Fury
Debra Kadabra Carolina Hard-Core Ecstacy Sam with the Showing Scalp Flat Top Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead 200 Years Old Cucamongo Advance Romance
Orig filename was SCDM-31-10-1975.flac1975-10-31
52 min
Roy Buchanan - Live Stock
Further On Up the Road Roy's Bluz I'm Evil

Rory Gallagher - Against the Grain
Let Me In Cross Me Off Your List Ain't Too Good Souped-Up Ford All Around Man Lost at Sea I Take What I Want
Orig filename was SCDM-07-11-1975.flac1975-11-07
51 min
Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning

Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers
Walking on Waters Burn It Down Ace o' Spades Downtown Flyers

Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning
Trash Man Midnight Lightning Hear My Train a-Comin' Gypsy Boy Blue Suede Shoes Machine Gun (fragm)
Orig filename was SCDM-14-11-1975.flac1975-11-14
49 min
Iron Butterfly - Sun and Steel
Sun and Steel (end) Beyond the Milky Way I'm Right, I'm Wrong Scorching Beauty

Magma - Live
Köhntark (Part One) Köhntark (Part Two)

← Also known as Hhaï, which is Kobaïan for Live.
Orig filename was SCDM-21-11-1975.flac1975-11-21
51 min
Steve Howe - Beginnings
Doors of Sleep Australia The Nature of the Sea Lost Symphony

Steve Hackett - Voyage of the Acolyte
Star of Sirius The Lovers Shadow of the Hierophant Hands of the Priestess Part 1 A Tower Struck Down Ace of Wands
Orig filename was SCDM-28-11-1975.flac1975-11-28
49 min
Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Another Live
Another Life The Seven Rays

- Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
Geigerzähler Radio-Activity Radioland Airwaves Sendepause News Die Stimme der Energie Antenna Radio Sterne Uranium Transistor Ohm Sweet Ohm

← Notice the track News, which features an extra guest speaker
Orig filename was SCDM-12-12-1975.flac1975-12-12
51 min
Jack Lancaster - Peter and the Wolf
Introduction Peter's Theme Bird and Peter Duck Theme Pond Duck and Bird Cat Dance Cat and Duck Grandfather Cat Wolf Wolf and Duck Threnody for a Duck Wolf Stalks Cat in Tree Peter's Chase Capture of Wolf Hunters Rock and Roll Celebration Duck Escape Final Theme

Chris Squire - Fish out of Water
Lucky Seven Safe (Canon Song) (fragm)
← Also known as "The Rock Peter and the Wolf"

Orig filename was SCDM-19-12-1975.flac1975-12-19
53 min
Solution - Cordon Bleu

Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
Part One Part Two

Solution - Cordon Bleu
Orig filename was SCDM-26-12-1975.flac1975-12-26
51 min
Stars - Stars
Platform Soul Punishment Park Not Fade Away

Edgar Froese - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
Epsilon in Malaysian Pale Maroubra Bay
Orig filename was SCDM-29-12-1975.flac1975-12-29
51 min
Ange - Émile Jacotey
Ego et Deus Ode à Émile Le Nain de Stanislas

Clearlight - Forever Blowing Bubbles
Without Words Way Ergotrip Et Pendant ce Temps La Jungle Bubbles Chanson