Superclean Dreammachine broadcasts in 1974
Mondays from 22:02 to 22:55 until 23 September; from 4 October on Fridays from 22:02 to 23:00
No broadcast on 20 December

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The majority of the albums can still be purchased via online shops like Bol.com; I've included a link to the appropriate pages in those cases. If not, I have tried to find pages about the albums that give the most information. If you have more information than is presented here (such as broadcast dates for the ones I'm not sure of), or if you notice something wrong with the information, please let me know.

Many of the broadcasts can be downloaded, by clicking on the dates. These are not professional recordings though; they were taped from radio by me and others, and they are of varying quality, incomplete, or were edited or re-recorded later to remove Ad Visser's voice in between the music.
If you happen to have tapes that aren't presented here, or you find links that don't work any more, please contact me too. I can use all the feedback I can get!

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Album(s) played Comments
source: 73-11-xx-15-Kraftwerk.mp31974-02-18
26 min
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Tanzmusik Ananassymphonie Kristallo
source: AVRO 000474 Ad Visser Superclean dreammachine okeeeee.mp31974-04-15?
27 min
Strawbs - Hero and Heroine
Round and Round Lay a Little Light on Me Autumn

Popol Vuh - Seligpreisung
Selig Sind, die da Hungern. Selig Sind, die da Dürsten Nach Gerechtigkeit. Ja, Sie Sollen Satt Werden
Date unknown, please help
source: Band Mono 004 058/059 code code rgn onbekend# scdm.mp3Part 1, 6 min
source: Band Mono 003 034/035 onbekend sinfo bhyt scdm.mp3Part 2, 17 min
Public Foot the Roman - Public Foot the Roman
Judas Returns When You Lay It Down Decline and Fall Don't Bite the Hand
source: Band Mono 003 nnn onbekend sinfo bhyt scdm1974-06-24?
37 min
Stray Dog - Stray Dog
Tramp (How It Is) Crazy Slave

Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage (?)
Valediction (fragm)

Wishbone Ash - Live Dates
Blowin' Free Jail Bait The King Will Come Warrior
source: Band Mono 003 nnn Todd Rundgren + onbekend.mp31974-07-01?
28 min
Todd Rundgren - Todd
The Spark of Life No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator Everybody's Going to Heaven Heavy Metal Kids

Nektar - Remember the Future
Remember the Future Part 1
source: SCDM 7.mp31974-07-08?
6 min
Stray Dog - While You're Down There
source: 01 Rock the nation.mp3, etc1974-07-22?
15 min
Montrose, live
Rock the Nation Bass and Drum Solo Space Station #5
source: SCDM 8.mp31974-08-06?
7 min
Edgar Froese - Aqua
NGC 891
source: SCDM 9.mp31974-09-03?
12 min
Gryphon - Red Queen to Gryphon Three
Second Spasm
source: SCDM 10.mp31974-10-04?
3 min
Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
Firth of Fifth (fragm)

Shankar Family & Friends - Shankar Family & Friends
Jaya Jagadish Haré

Frank Zappa and the Mothers - Roxy & Elsewhere
Cheepnis Son of Orange County More Trouble Every Day

Shankar Family & Friends - Shankar Family & Friends
Dream, Nightmare & Dawn

Frank Zappa and the Mothers - Roxy & Elsewhere
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? The New Birth Comin' from all ends Patiently
Only contains a fragment by Genesis
from SCDM 11.mp3, cut 1 (-04:52)1974-10-11?
5 min
ELO - Eldorado

Hawkwind - Silver Machine
Silver Machine
from SCDM 11.mp3 cut 2 (04:52-), Band Mono 005 017-022 (..).mp31974-10-18?
51 min
Gamma - Darts
Darts Exposal Endless Holiday

Gino Vanelli - Powerful People
Son of a New York Gun

Wishbone Ash - There's the Rub
Silver Shoes Persephone Lady Jay F.U.B.B. Don't Come Back
18 min
Triumvirat - Illusions on a Double Dimple
Illusions on a Double Dimple

Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Utopia Theme (live)
source: SCDM 12.mp3 / SCDM 6 (+Colditz).mp31974-11-22?
24 min
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

PFM - Live in USA

Can - Soon Over Babaluma
Chain Reaction

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
Brain Damage
source: Band Mono 005 028-030 (…) scdm.mp31974-12-06?
14 min
Nowy - Escalation
I'd Rather Sell My Life Than My Guitar

Daryl Hall & John Oates - War Babies
Is It a Star?

Groundhogs - Solid
Corn Cob Plea Sing, Plea Song (fragm)

And a fragment by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
source: Band Mono 005 039 onbekend scdm.mp31974-12-13?
7 min
Kevin Ayers - The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories
It Begins with a Blessing / Once I Awakened / But It Ends with a Curse
1974? Canarios - Ciclos

Trapeze - Hot Wire
Midnight Flyer Turn It On Feel It Inside

Gong - You
Perfect Mystery The Isle of Everywhere You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever Master Builder

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Beat of the Street
Laid Back in Anger Hi Life Music Living in Love Last Boy over the Moon World in Action Devil, Are You Satisfied

Jade Warrior - Floating world
No idea here if this all belongs together.