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Het merendeel van de gedraaide albums zijn nog steeds te koop via online winkels zoals velvetmusic.nl; indien mogelijk heb ik daarvoor een link toegevoegd. Zo niet, dan heb ik geprobeerd een pagina te vinden met de meeste informatie over het album.
Als je meer informatie hebt dan hier wordt weergegeven (zoals uitzenddatums die ik niet zeker weet), of als je merkt dat er iets mis is met de informatie, laat me dat dan weten.

Veel uitzendingen zijn te downloaden door op de datum te klikken. Dit zijn echter geen professionele opnames; ze zijn door mij en anderen van de radio opgenomen en ze zijn van wisselende kwaliteit, onvolledig, of zijn later bewerkt of opnieuw opgenomen om de stem van Ad Visser tussen de muziek weg te halen.
Neem contact met me op als je banden hebt die hier niet worden weergegeven, of als je links tegenkomt die niet meer werken. Ik kan alle feedback gebruiken die ik kan krijgen!

Verberg titels van nummers

Gedraaide platen Opmerkingen
van SCDM-05-01-1976.flac1976-01-05
52 min
Magma - Live
Kobah Lïhns Hhaï

Clearlight Symphony
Part One Part Two
← Deel 2 van dit album. Zie 1975-11-14 voor deel 1.

van SCDM-12-01-1976.flac1976-01-12
51 min
Vangelis - Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell, Part 1 So Long Ago, So Clear Heaven and Hell, Part II

Stephen Stills - Live
Wooden Ships Four Days Gone Jet Set (Sigh)/Rocky Mountain Way/Jet Set (Sigh) Special Care
van SCDM-19-01-1976.flac1976-01-19
52 min
Bad Company - Run with the Pack
Live for the Music Silver Blue and Gold Simple Man Do Right By Your Woman Run with the Pack

Nektar - Recycled
São Paulo Sunrise Costa del Sol Marvellous Moses It's All Over São Paulo Sunrise Costa del Sol Marvellous Moses

← Dit is kant B van de plaat, twee keer.
van SCDM-26-01-1976.flac1976-01-26
50 min
Genesis - A Trick of the Tail
Dance on a Volcano Squonk Robbery, Assault and Battery

Journey - Look into the Future
Look into the Future

Omega - The Hall of Floaters in the Sky
The Hall of Floaters in the Sky Never Feel Shame 20th Century Town Dweller Magician

Mihály, Kóbor en Benkö.
van SCDM-02-02-1976.flac1976-02-02
51 min
String Driven Thing - Keep Yer 'And On It
Starving in the Tropics Chains (I Wanna Be Just Like Stan Bowles) Things We Said Today But I Do Call Out for Mercy

Curt Cress Clan - CCC
From the Back Fields Shuffle On Out Delphine Funk Off No Answer Cyclone
En een fragment van Birth Control, die ook de nieuwe tussen-jingle levert
van SCDM-09-02-1976.flac1976-02-09
50 min
Tundra (Glenn Turner / Chris Staiton) - Tundra
Say You Don't Want It What Else Can I Say

Tomita - Firebird
Stravinsky: Firebird Suite Mussorgsky: A Night on Bare Mountain Mussorgsky: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
van SCDM-16-02-1976.flac1976-02-16
51 min
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance - One for the Road
Don't Try 'n' Change My Mind 32nd Street One for the Road

Crackerhash - The Elfin Knight
Fair Annie

Sahara - Sunrise

Peter Michael Hamel - The Voice of Silence
Ego-Loss (Let the Red Buddha Amithaba Sweep You Along)
van SCDM-23-02-1976.flac1976-02-23
51 min
Thijs van Leer - O My Love
Street Rondo Peacemaker III Little Sister Blue Windmill

David Sancious and Tone - Transformation (The Speed of Love)
Transformation (The Speed of Love) The Play and Display of the Heart Piktor's Metamorphosis Sky Church Hymn #9
van SCDM-01-03-1976.flac1976-03-01
53 min
John Blair - Southern Love
Tower of Fantasy Searchin' Uptown

Wishbone Ash - Locked In
Rest in Peace Trust in You

Goblin - Profondo Rosso
Profondo Rosso Death Dies Wild Session Deep Shadows Profondo Rosso

Al Di Meola - Land of the Midnight Sun
Love Theme from Pictures of the Sea

Goblin - Profondo Rosso
Wild Session

← Niet zeker; deze LP kwam pas in oktober uit.
van SCDM-08-03-1976_b.flac1976-03-08
50 min
Elliott Murphy - Night Lights
Diamonds By the Yard Isadora's Dancers You Never Know What You're In For

Klaus Schulze - Blackdance
Ways of Changes Voices of Syn Some Velvet Phasing
van SCDM-15-03-1976.flac1976-03-15
51 min
Spin - Spin
Little Bitch Grasshopper Spinning Sea and Seasons

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
Medieval Overture Sorceress The Romantic Warrior Majestic Dance The Magician
van SCDM-22-03-1976.flac1976-03-22
52 min
Santana - Amigos
Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)

Return to Forever - No Mystery
Celebration Suite Parts 1 & 2

King Crimson - A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson
The Night Watch Ladies of the Road Cat Food Red (Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part One) (?) Epitaph The Court of the Crimson King (fragm)
van SCDM-29-03-1976.flac1976-03-29
52 min
Ravi Shankar - Ravi Shankar's Music Festival from India
Raga Jait Dehati

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
Wind on Water Evening Star An Index of Metals Evensong
van SCDM-05-04-1976.flac1976-04-05
50 min
Starcastle - Starcastle
Stargate Sunfield Lady of the Lake

Weather Report - Black Market
Elegant People Barbary Coast Herandnu Black Market Gibraltar Three Clowns
van SCDM-12-04-1976.flac1976-04-12
50 min
Skyhooks - Ego Is Not a Dirty Word
Ego Is Not a Dirty Word Love on the Radio Love's Not Good Enough

Alan White - Ramshackled
Darkness parts I-III

Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive!
Do You Feel Like We Do I Wanna Go to the Sun Jumping Jack Flash

Skyhooks - Ego Is Not a Dirty Word
Love's Not Good Enough (fragm)
van SCDM-19-04-1976.flac1976-04-19
50 min
Stephen Stills - Illegal Stills
Buyin' Time Midnight in Paris Different Tongues Soldier The Loner

Solution - Solution & Divergence
Phases Divergence Trane Steps Fever
van SCDM-26-04-1976.flac1976-04-26
50 min
Sammy Hagar - Nine on a Ten Scale
Young Girl Blues

Rick Wakeman - No Earthly Connection
Music Reincarnate; I: The Warning Music Reincarnate; II: The Maker Music Reincarnate; III: The Spaceman Music Reincarnate; IV: The Realisation Music Reincarnate; V: The Reaper The Prisoner The Lost Cycle
van SCDM-03-05-1976.flac1976-05-03 Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock N' Roll : Too Young to Die!
Quizz Kid Crazed Institution Salamander

Todd Rundgren - Faithful
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Yardbirds) Good Vibrations (Beach Boys) Rain (The Beatles) Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine (Bob Dylan) If Six Was Nine (Jimi Hendrix) Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles) Black and White The Verb "To Love"

Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock N' Roll : Too Young to Die!

Todd Rundgren - Faithful
Boogies (Hamburger Hell)
van SCDM-10-05-‍-1976.flac1976-05-10 Alquin - Best Kept Secret
One More Night Fool in the Mirror

The Tubes - Young and Rich
Tubes World Tour Slipped My Disco Proud to Be an American Poland Whole / Madam I'm Adam Young and Rich Stand Up and Shout Don't Touch Me There
van SCDM-17-05-‍-1976.flac1976-05-17
50 min
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias
Mandrax Sunset Variations Parts 1, 2 & 3

Klaus Schulze - Moondawn
Mindfaser Floating
Superclean Dreammachine Tuinfeest.
van SCDM-24-05-1976.flac1976-05-24
51 min
Stomu Yamash'ta - Go
Solitude Nature Air Over Crossing the Line Man of Leo Stellar Space Theme Space Requiem Space Song Carnival Ghostmachine Surfspin Time Is Here Winner / Loser

Shakti with John McLaughlin - Shakti with John McLaughlin
What Need Have I for This - What Need Have I for That / I Am Dancing at the Feet of My Lord / All Is Bliss - All Is Bliss
van SCDM-31-05-1976.flac1976-05-31
53 min
Ian Hunter - All American Alien Boy
God (Take I) All American Alien Boy

The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
A Dream Within a Dream The Raven The Tell-Tale Heart The Cask of Amontillado (The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether The Fall of the House of Usher: Arrival / Intermezzo / Pavane / Fall To One in Paradise Prelude (fragm)
van SCDM-07-06-1976.flac1976-06-07
52 min
Man - Welsh Connection
The Welsh Connection Born with a Future

Camel - Moonmadness
Aristillus Song Within a Song Chord Change Spirit of the Water Another Night Air Born Lunar Sea
Oorspr bestand was Band 1b1976-06-14
52 min
Wigwam - Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose
Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose In a Nutshell

Patrick Moraz - The Story of I
Impact Warmer Hands The Storm Cachaça (Baião) Intermezzo Indoors Best Years of Our Lives Descent Incantation (Procession) Dancing Now Impressions (The Dream) Like a Child in Disguise Rise and Fall
van SCDM-14-06-1976.flac1976-06-21
50 min
Jan Hammer Group - Oh, Yeah?
Bambu Forest One to One Evolove Oh, Yeah?

Jeff Beck - Wired
Come Dancing Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Blue Wind Sophie

Budgie - If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules
Black Velvet Stallion
En stukjes van Passport - Infinity Machine
from SCDM-21-06-1976.flac1976-06-28
50 min
Automatic Man - Automatic Man
Atlantis Rising Fanfare Comin' Through One and One Geni-Geni I.T.D. (Interstellar Tracking Devices) Right Back Down Automatic Man Atlantis Rising Theme - Turning of the Axis

Sweet d'Buster - Sweet d'Buster
One Way or Another Tip of My Tongue Bread
from SCDM-28-06-1976.flac1976-07-05
51 min
Derringer - Derringer
Comes a Woman Sailor Beyond the Universe

Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow
Ocean Song Meeting (Garden of Geda) Sound Out the Galleon Dance of Ranyart Olias (To Build the Moorglade) Qoquaq ën Transic Naon Transic Tö Flight of the Moorglade Solid Space To the Runner Moon Ra Chords Song of Search
van SCDM-02-08-1976.flac1976-08-02
53 min
Eric Clapton - No Reason to Cry
Beautiful Thing Carnival Sign Language County Jail Blues All Our Past Times Hello Old Friend Double Trouble (eind) Hungry

Backdoor - Activate
You Got Evil Train Won't Blow Speedwalker Moon Mad Woman
van SCDM-09-08-1976.flac1976-08-09
51 min
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg
Neuronengesang Conphära Chromengel (incompleet)
van SCDM-16-08-1976.flac1976-08-16
53 min
Herbie Hancock - Secrets
Doin' It People Music Cantelope Island

Grateful Dead - Steal your Face
Sugaree Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo Casey Jones Beat It On Down the Line

Herbie Hancock - Secrets
En fragmenten van Soft Machine en Automatic Man
1976-08-23? Lewis Furey - The Humours Of
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Roaring Silence
1976-08-30? Kayak - The Last Encore
Stanley Clarke - School Days
45 min
Strapps - Strapps
Dreaming Suicide Oh the Night

Curved Air - Airborne

Soft Machine - Softs
Ban-Ban Caliban The Tale of Taliesin
van SCDM-13-09-1976.flac1976-09-13
50 min
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - SAHB Stories
Boston Tea Party Dogs of War Dance to Your Daddy Amos Moses

Jons Pistoor
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - SAHB Stories
Sirocco (incompleet)

← Als iemand hier meer over weet, zou ik dat heel erg op prijs stellen!
van SCDM-20-09-1976.flac1976-09-20
51 min
Brian Protheroe - I/You
Dancing on Black Ice Battling Annie I/You Hotel

Bob Dylan - Hard Rain
Maggie's Farm Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again Oh, Sister Lay Lady Lay Shelter from the Storm One Too Many Mornings
van SCDM-27-09-1976.flac1976-09-27
49 min
Vangelis - Albedo 0.39
Alpha Pulstar Freefall Main Sequence

Renaissance - Live at Carnegie Hall
Prologue Ocean Gypsy Can You Understand
van SCDM-04-10-1976.flac1976-10-04
50 min
Patti Austin - End of a Rainbow
Say You Love Me Sweet Sadie the Savior

Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - Eli
There He Still Goes Naked Actress

P.F.M. - Chocolate Kings
Out on the Roundabout Paper Charms Harlequin Chocolate Kings
Oorspr bestand was Band 016 nnn onbekend code 998 scdm.mp31976-10-11
14 min
Be Bop Deluxe - Modern Music
Orphans of Babylon Twilight Capers Modern Music

Lynyrd Skynyrd
En een fragment van Klaus Schulze - Irrlight
(bevat geen Lynyrd Skynyrd)
van SCDM-18-10-1976.flac1976-10-18
51 min
Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox
Boogie Woogie Dance Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed Johnny Borderline Fool's Gold

Led Zeppelin - The Soundtrack from the Film The Song Remains the Same
Whole Lotta Love Celebration Day The Song Remains the Same Rain Song
van SCDM-01-11-1976.flac1976-11-01
51 min
Frank van der Kloot - Fontessa
In the Cool of the Night (eind) Heaven Is Across the Street

Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear
Stratosfear The Big Sleep in Search of Hades 3 A.M. at the Border of the Marsh from Okefenokee Invisible Limits
van SCDM-08-11-1976.flac1976-11-08
51 min
Patti Smith Group - Radio Ethiopia
Ain't It Strange

David Bedford - The Odyssey
Penelope's Shroud I King Aeolus Penelope's Shroud II The Phaecian Games Penelope's Shroud III The Sirens (Penelope's Shroud ??) Scylla and Charybdis Penelope's Shroud IV Circe's Island Penelope's Shroud Completed The Battle in the Hall
Opmerking: één bron zegt hier 15 nov; is 8 nov correct?
van SCDM-15-11-1976.flac1976-11-15
48 min
Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record
Tightrope Telephone Line Mission (A World Record) Shangri-la

Alquin - On Tour
High Rockin' Amy I Wish I Could
van SCDM-22-11-1976.flac1976-11-22
46 min
Tony Wilson - I Like Your Style
New York City Life The Politician (A Man of Many Words) I Can't Leave It Alone

Wishbone Ash - New England

Can - Flow Motion
Babylonian Pearl I Want More (fragm) Smoke (E.F.S. No. 59) Flow Motion I Want More Cascade Waltz
En fragmenten van The Tubes
"Ash to Ashes"?

van SCDM-29-11-1976.flac1976-11-29
51 min
Al Stewart - Year of the Cat
Broadway Hotel (fragm) One Stage Before

Ange - Par les Fils de Mandrin
Par les Fils de Mandrin Au Café du Colibri Ainsi s'en Ira la Pluie Autour du Feu Saltimbanques Atlantis "Les Géants de la Troisième Lune" (fragm) Hymne à la Vie Atlantis "Les Géants de la Troisième Lune" Des Yeux Couleur d'Enfants
en een encore van Can
van SCDM-06-12-1976.flac1976-12-06
52 min
Alessi - Alessi
Do You Feel it? I Was So Sure Seabird

801 - Live
Lagrima TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows) East of Asteroid Rongwrong Sombre Reptiles Baby's on Fire Diamond Head Miss Shapiro You Really Got Me
van scdm-Peter-tape 16-kant1.mp31976-12-13
53 min
Queen - A Day at the Races
Tie Your Mother Down

Genesis - Wind & Wuthering
Eleventh Earl of Mar One for the Vine Your Own Special Way Wot Gorilla All in a Mouse's Night 'Unquiet Slumber for the Sleepers… …In that Quiet Earth' Afterglow

War - Love is All Around
Paint It Black Medley
van ScDM-20-12-1976.flac1976-12-20
52 min
Narada Michael Walden - Garden of Love Light
Saint and the Rascal The Sun Is Dancing

Dave Greenslade - Cactus Choir
Cactus Choir Country Dance Finale Swings and Roundabouts Time Takes My Time Pedro's Party Forever and Ever
van SCDM-27-12-1976.flac1976-12-27
52 min
Frank Zappa - Zoot Allures
Wind Up Workin' In a Gas Station The Torture Never Stops Ms. Pinky

Seals & Crofts - Sudan Village
Sudan Village Advance Guards Cause You Love Baby I'll Give It to You Thunderfoot East of Ginger Trees Eighth of January

Benson & Farrell - Benson & Farrell
Rolling Home

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